Question by  viknesh (10)

How do you cross reference in Excel?

I cannot figure out Microsoft Excel as well as I thought I would be able to.


Answer by  helol25 (680)

What do you mean cross reference? You can learn that by clicking the help button on the excel page. That tells you.


Answer by  krish71 (43)

You have to use the equal sign (=). Click on the field where you want the reference, then put in the equal sign and then click on the field you want to reference. It is also possible, that you type in the name of the field manually (for example: '=A313').


Answer by  blombardy (82)

When copying the cells from the first spreadsheet, 'Paste Special - Paste Link to the second spreadsheet. This will mean that the copied cells automatically reflect changes made to the original cells.


Answer by  m1rock (65)

To do this by linking the two sheets. To do this copy a cell or range from one sheet, then paste it on another sheet using paste special, then paste link. This will past a link to the new sheet and will constantly update the information from the original sheet to the new sheet.


Answer by  hms1193 (1)

Build a macro to do it or, link the two sheets. To link two sheets: (1) Copy a cell, (2) Go to another sheet, (3) Choose Paste Special, (4) select "Paste Link".


Answer by  jamed (2)

Just Copy a cell or range from one sheet, then Right click to paste, Choose Paste Special, choose "Paste Link".

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