Question by  Jennifer18 (21)

How do you connect an mp3 player to a car?


Answer by  zaxxon (23)

Most MP3 players are connected to vehicles today via auxiliary input jacks, which accept 1/8" audio cables. You can purchase this cable cheaply in any electronics store.


Answer by  joe25 (79)

You need to buy a cable at Radio Shack that connects the headphone jack in your mp3 player to the jack in your car.


Answer by  DeMarkus (69)

There are numerous methods dependent on which mp3 player and which car audio system. The simplest is using a cassette to headphone adapter. Many modern cars have an mp3 in jack for connection to the player, and some cars have actual ipod integrated with full control of the ipod from the car audio system.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

If your car has no axillary jack you will either have to add an inline auxiliary jack or use a fm modulator. Unless you buy a aftermarket stereo with one.

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