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Question by  Didi65 (60)

How do you connect a NES?


Answer by  Brad37 (113)

Use RCA cables to connect the AV ports on the NES to the AV inputs on the TV, or connect an RF adapter to the RF adapter port on the Nintendo, and connect the other end to the cable input on the TV, then plug in the AC adapter.


Answer by  Jacob47 (295)

The NES can be connected to the tv with RF Switch or a Scart cable. The scart cable only have the yellow cable (for the video) and a white one (for the mono audio).


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Really it depends on what type of connector you have to connect it with. If you have the original rca jack connector then you either need to connect it to vcr or tv and set the switch to the appropriate channel. If you have a rf connector the you just install it inline in the cable.


Answer by  Djoneechan (142)

You're going to need a special adapter to connect the NES to the TV using a converter. A lot of times the wires will have dust or something in them, so generally blowing some air through it or brushing some of the dust out of it will do the trick.


Answer by  lilvin9 (42)

Connecting an nes is simple. First you need to insert the plugs in to the back of the nes system. Next attach the cable to the cable conerter of insert the red white and yellow wires into the audio visual plug. Next plug in the power chord and enjoy your nes


Answer by  Mitchell (74)

To connect a Nintendo Entertainment System connect all of the wires and cables that came with the Nintendo Entertainment System in to the corresponding ports on the back of the television.

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