Question by  aslesh (15)

How do you change the language in Microsoft Word?


Answer by  Yunus34 (13)

You can Change the word language by going to Tools -> set language in the box select your own for example(German,Arabic etc.. ) an click default,than OK if it doesn't work, press Ctrl and A to select all and do it again. However,unless your keyboard has symbols on it,go to insert -> symbol and choose the symbol


Answer by  Lynette54 (13)

If using Microsoft Word 2007, the language that your computer has been set to needs to be changed in order to change the language in Microsoft Word. Once your computer has been changed, you can go to Start, All Programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Tools, Microsoft office 2007 Language Settings.


Answer by  usha (30)

First you open the Microsoft word. Then in that page you can see the TOOLS box in upside click that box there you can see many options but the third one is language option click that then another one box should be open in that box first option is "setlanguage" click that and you can change many languages you want


Answer by  hamsa (133)

Open a new word document. Click on the "Tools" tab, then select the "Language" option. It will show current language, for example English(U. S. ). Select the desired language. Then select the "Default" button.


Answer by  AvrilBey (474)

If in Microsoft Word there isn't an option in the preference menu, you may be required to change the language in the operating system.


Answer by  luke6363hotmailcom (5)

Try going to the bottom of any word document. Double click on the language tab (will show current language, eg. "English (U. S. )"). Select the desired language (eg. "English (U. K. )"). The select the "Default" button (to make it the default language for every future document).

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