Question by  worker56 (17)

How do you care for pregnant dogs?

My dog is due in a couple of weeks, and I would like to make her more comfortable.


Answer by  Wraith (191)

Make her a soft bed in a private part of the house, gradually decrease her amount of exercise as she gets closer to her due date, increase her food and water accessibility. She should have them available all the time or be fed and watered several small amounts daily.


Answer by  Kirstie (31)

Just give her a lot of attention, gentaly rub her belly, sides, and back. You should also make sure she has food and water near her so she does not have to get up and move so much to get these things. You could give her pillows and blankets. And just spend some extra time with her.


Answer by  ktt (355)

Pregnant dogs need extra food and water. They need to remain healthy, but should not receive vaccinations. They need a whelping box or safe area to give birth.

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