Question by  goheyjo (47)

How do you care for hair with Jojoba Hair Oil?


Answer by  ccoyne (122)

To control frizzies and add shine put a few drops in your hand and work through dry hair. For split end control add prior to blow drying, this also helps deter breakage due to tangles. For intense repair, mix Jojoba and OTC hot oil even parts. Work the mixture through your hair and allow to sit for 15-60 minutes.


Answer by  Rohitbgm (11)

Apply Jojoba Hair Oil to your hair root thoroughly as well to the scalp as it gives a moisturise and gives the hair extra shine and protection


Answer by  Mallory (155)

Jojoba Oil is a great moisturizer for hair, since it's molecule is small enough to penetrate the shaft. Apply a few drops to the ends of damp hair and comb.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

Jojoba is a potent moisturizer to you can add just a few drops to your current hair conditioner while in the shower. You can also use it after the shower in damp hair right before you brush it. Blow dry it afterward for brilliant shine. Also good for the scalp.

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