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Question by  Kate2599 (110)

What does jasmine hair oil do for hair?

My hair is chemically treated and very dry.


Answer by  Krithika (6)

Jasmine hair oil is an extract of the jasmine plant mixed with essential oils. It has a very unique fragrance. The most important role of the jasmine oil is to cool and moisturize hair. When massaged into the scalp, it gives a cooling effect to the scalp and emits a soothing and calming fragrance to hair..


Answer by  vivianleigh (343)

Jasmine oil generally does little for your hairy except to make it shiny. Jasmine oil is usually helpful when used for dry skin or dry, itchy scalp. Some products will claim that it helps keep hair stronger and not let it fall out, which is false.


Answer by  Laila64 (151)

jasmine hair oil make great relief for dry hair because it is mainly used to cure dry skin and hair.When we massage with jasmine oil in the hair daily for about one hour make our hair thicker and shiny and this make our head and nervous system cool and fresh.


Answer by  Sly72 (49)

Jasmine Hair Oil Is most commonly used on sore Dry Skin, Although it can also be used on a dry itchy scalp... When Used On Dry Hair, it Nourishes adds Shine, Silkiness, and promotes growth of Better, Stronger, Healthier Hair Structure.

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