Question by  consti20 (13)

How do you calculate a bond price?


Answer by  ravi6661livein (62)

This is completely Based on the Par value. First check whether the bond price is less or greater than the par value. if it is high then it can be priced as premium else sell it at the discount rate.Sum of the present values+Expected coupons value+ par value=Bond price.This is the Bond price calculation.


Answer by  Taylor17 (155)

If the bond says its an EE series the bond could say 50 dollars but will only be worth half that for 25 dollars untill it matures fully.


Answer by  gamejunkiemom (9)

Each bond has a face value and a coupon rate. The face value ( $1,000 for corporate bonds) is the amount the issuer must pay whom owns the bond

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