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Question by  Rathi (108)

How to calculate the percentage increase in a product?

For example if it once cost $100.00 to get my hair cut and now it is $125.00 how do I determine the percentage increase in the price, I need the formula please not just the answer.


Answer by  JayTee (48)

To calculate percentage increase, first subtract the original cost from the new cost to find total increase. Take that value and divide it by the original value.


Answer by  squirrel1434 (63)

Percent increase = (final cost - initial cost) / (initial cost) In this case, the increase in price is: ($125-$100)/($100) = 25/100 = 25% increase in cost Hope that helps!


Answer by  saveriorocca (71)

Take the difference of now cost and before cost and divide it by the before cost then multiply by 100 to get percentage: [(now - before)/before]*100. In your example, percentage increase is [(125 - 100)/100]*100 = 25%. Obviously, if the result is negative, then it can be considered as a percentage decrease.


Answer by  esteban (1334)

You can find the percentage increase by solving the proportion: change/original = percent/100. For example, if the hair cut originally cost $100 but is now $125, the amount of change is $25. So the proportion would be 25/100 = percent/100. In this case the percentage increase is 25%. Solve the proportion by cross multiplying.

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