Question by  Snood (55)

How do you build a fireplace surround?


Answer by  PaulKria (47)

Firstly, for safety reasons, flooring around fireplace should be installed from fireproof materials: steel sheet about 30x50 cm directly in front of the opening. No furniture and other stuff from wood or fabric should be placed near fireplace jambs. The basic rule - all things, which would be placed near the fireplace, should be heat resistant.


Answer by  McCheese (1248)

Most fireplace surrounds are made of brick, however you can use stone or plain old concrete. Order the bricks (usually 50 per square foot) and cement. It's helpful to do this job in the warmer weather so you can mix the cement outside. Just get some basic masonry supplies and you're on your way to a nice fireplace surround.

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