Question by  ElectricDave (80)

What should I know about outside fireplaces?

I want to build one or have one built for our home.


Answer by  AnnWalkerKennedy (175)

Outdoor fireplaces add living space to your home in cooler months. Make sure yours is built by a licensed contractor, and follow manufacturers directions. You'll enjoy the warmth it provides!


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

The same basic principals apply to an outside fireplace as they do for inside fireplaces. You need to have a damper to control the airflow to the fire. You will need your chimney to be at a height minimum of 7 feet or you will have to deal with smoke.


Answer by  diddy1 (110)

They are great, I have one and I love it. It is especially good when the weather is cold and I can be used for entertainment.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

The first thing you'll need to do is check with your local planning or zoning board. There are probably specific restrictions based on how crowded it is where you live.


Answer by  greenlady (160)

The first thing to consider are the local laws. In some areas it may be best to have natural gas or propane fireplaces. You will also need to consider the main propose for it as some produce more heat than others. It would also be important to look into which fireplaces are made of the best materials for your climate.


Answer by  StarOne (941)

You will need to contact your local county building permits office and obtain the correct paperwork so that everything is done to code. Check with your local utilities and have them mark the areas in your yard where you cannot dig. That way you can select the right location for you fireplace.

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