Question by  Zachary (18)

How do you build a corn hole set?

It look like a lot of fun.


Answer by  Michele13 (1188)

It is like a portable version of horseshoes.Take wooden boards and saw a round hole in the ends.Then use small beanbags to throw in them.


Answer by  kamla (4)

In order to make your own corn hole set with our own five figure hands just you have to purchase where some quality corn hole equipment (device). Whatever you want to do with this equipment you can.


Answer by  adnankhan (8)

I will build corn hole set by establishing dimensions for the corn hole .once dimensions are established for the corn hole set I will list all the supplies which I should need for a basic corn hole set and buy the supplies from store all in one clean shot. At last I will start building the corn hole set.


Answer by  hemanth10 (11)

take a wood cut it in the size u wand and take a straight long wood stick and puch with the nail and make a hole in it

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