Question by  james76 (29)

How do you attach insulation when installing in the attack?

I need to know the correct way to attach insulation so I will not be doing this again next year.


Answer by  Wade (168)

It depends on what the attic is used for. Is it bare studs and no flooring? Then you should use a loose fill blow-in type insulation. If you are finishing the attic, then attach roll type with the paper vapor barrier facing the inside.


Answer by  Bill78 (179)

I assume you mean attic. Rolled insulation will have a flap on the paper side that folds when the insulation is in the gap between the joists. A staple gun should easily secure the flap to the joist.


Answer by  usmc96gt (323)

The insulation should just lay between the joists on the floor of that attic, nothing is needed to secure it.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Loose fill insulation where you lay it within the sections of the roof and walls that you want to cover with sheetrock.


Answer by  HouseReaps2 (5)

It depends on what you're trying to attach it to. Insulated batting can be used in the attic without attaching. It just needs to be cut correctly to lay snuggly between the beams without leaving large gaps. Remember batts should be cut to butt-fit around any wiring and plumbing too.

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