Question by  redkudu67 (17)

How do you arrange hydrangea in floral arrangements?

I would like to use hydrangea in a floral arrangement.


Answer by  martha2 (31)

Hydrangea are large full flowers and generally look best when they are used at the bottom of an arrangement to fill space and hide any foam that may be showing. They are also great by themselves in a glass bowl. If you mix different color varieties it will make a beautiful centerpiece.


Answer by  rbaugher (39)

Sperate each bloom, if possible re-cut the stems under water ,eliminating the oxygen bubble in the stem ,which restricts the uptake of water to the blooms. If very wilted, immerse the entire bloom and stem completely under cold water and allow to soak for two hours, (a large bath tub works well for large orders).


Answer by  Carol24 (26)

In a clean vase, layer hydrangea greenery for background then trim the flower stems to reach the bottom. Arrange in a mound pattern to mimic the bloom pattern.

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