Question by  awdamm (77)

How do they get two colors in the Esperance rose?

I've only ever seen one-color roses.


Answer by  cece262 (32)

Its done using the genes in the roses. The growers breed the roses and then mutate the genes together to create a dual colour affect. So a two colour esperance rose has come from two separate roses of different colours. It can take many many mutations of roses to get the dual colour


Answer by  dwammer (710)

Esperence roses are created by growers using genetics. The growers keep breeding the roses by mutating certain roses together until they finally come up with what they want.


Answer by  manuelsekar (25)

Esperance roses are hybrid variety of roses. Using hybrid technique we can get different colours of flower from the same plant. We can get Pink, white, rose colour flowers from the same plant. Hybrid - It means joining the different colour rose branch with main rose branch. Using this technique you can get many colour roses in the same plant.


Answer by  meanmimi (4)

in order to get two colors, two different color roses or two different kinds of roses are grafted together on one plant.

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