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Question by  worker3092 (20)

How do I wire two lights on one switch?


Answer by  JBW (243)

Two lights on one switch should be wired in a parallel circuit. Wire common (white)wire directly to first light, then second light. Wire hot (black) wire through switch to the first light, then the second. Remember to always connect ground (green or uninsulated) wire to switch plate and both light fixtures.


Answer by  raufieri (41)

The best way to do this is get 12/2 romex if you are wiring a house. Bring your line side of you (ie 110 V ) to you switch box. From there take another 12/2 wire and go to you first light then to you second light. make sure you hook you hots together/ neutral wires togther and you grounds.


Answer by  wmwitt (71)

Multiple light fixtures can be controlled by a single switch either by running an individual feed from the switch to each fixture, or, by routing the wire from fixture to fixture, making the appropriate connections at each light.


Answer by  UmeshG (404)

Negative wire fix direct to both light then positive wire fix to switch and from switch take two wire and fixit to two different lights.

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