Question by  kallah22 (7)

How do I wire a Harley for trailer lights?


Answer by  LegalGirl (183)

For starters you're going to need to locate the desired part. Refer to your car manual, it'll contain the schematic you need to locate any part. Another option: mechanical consultation.


Answer by  swamisarge (283)

Wire an inline fuse holder from the battery positive to a single-pole automotive relay, on one side of the switched contacts. Connect one relay coil wire to the running light circuit, the other coil wire to ground. The other switched contact wire powers the trailer running lights. Using the same fuse, do the same for the brakes and turn signals.


Answer by  stANLEY83 (64)

You need to find where is the junction box. You need 7 core cable and some scotch-locks, if you don't have the color code you need to have a wire probe and test each wire for the signal which you need. The color code for 7 core cable is yellow-left indicator,blue-fog,white-earth,green-right indicator,brown and black are the sidelights,red-stop

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