Question by  rita2009 (16)

How do I troubleshoot a problem with home wells?


Answer by  Jim23 (303)

You should have your well tested to see if it is save to drink. Easily test it to see if it tastes right and looks clear with no impurities that you can spot. Have further tests to make sure it has no hazardous materials in it.


Answer by  existential (6)

Depends on what the problem is. Do you lack water pressure? Then look at the well tank, gauges, electrical switches and pump. Are you short cycling? Check the set points on the pressure switches or the tank bladder. Is the well running dry? Perhaps you could get a larger tank. More details are needed to answer the question.


Answer by  jayamurugarajaap (26)

troubleshooting the problems with home well is based on the kind of problem. if the motor is repaired we have to pull the motor out of the well,before pulling out the pipes have to be disconnected from the motor. then the motor is repaired. for leakage problems sealing pastes may be used.

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