Question by  Elantraa (4)

How do I transplant a peace lily re-pot?


Answer by  christina215 (13)

Take out the peace lily and break up the soil around it and remove the bottom soil from it. Once thats done, break up the roots so that they can be spread out and not tangled together. Then, put it in a bigger pot. Fill the pot halfway, then put in the peace lily, leaving an inch at the top.


Answer by  bettylou (69)

Remove the lily from the old container by loosening the soil, laying it on its side and gently sliding the lily out. Fill a new container one-quarter full of new potting soil. Gently place the plant in the new container. Add or remove soil as needed around roots/plant until soil reaches 1/2 inch below top of container. Water gently/heavily.


Answer by  Arindam (24)

To transplant a peace lily use a pot and soil with good water drainage system. Avoid using large pots. Avoid direct sunlight as well. First Remove the plant from the old pot and shake the roots well to untangle them. Place the plant in the new pot avoiding any damage to roots and with cover soil. Water the plant once a day.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Do it just like you would if you were transplanting any lily. Thre are alot of different lilies out there and some things are very different about them but some things are basically the same for them and transplant is one of the my mother is a huge lily lover.

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