Question by  Jodie (551)

How do I transfer from old XP Pro pc to new Vista home premium pc?


Answer by  amary5 (78)

First you should back up all your important files such as pictures, music, word docs. That you do not want to lose on another hard drive. Then format your hard drive and do a clean install of your new OS. After the new OS is up and running put back your important files. You should be all set to go.


Answer by  Taylor (863)

There are two ways, you can either upgrade the current install of XP to Vista or if you are attempting to transfer your files from XP to Vista on two different computers you can use the Windwows easy transfer tool Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Windows Easy Transfer


Answer by  Draker (37)

First of all you must have zaposowy hard disk or portable drive with high capacity. Then I rip everything to disk and install a new version of Windows.


Answer by  A84 (90)

You need to purchase Windows Vista and put it in your PC. Select the Upgrade if you would like to keep the documents you currently have on there. For a fresh start, select Install.


Answer by  cleeze (30)

1. Run Vista Upgrade Advisor tool to see if your PC available for Vista 2. Backup the important files in your system drive 3. Though you can upgrade the XP to Vista directly, I still recommend you to do a clean install of Vista 4. Install Vista from CD


Answer by  VetTech (49)

You must purchase a copy of the operating system you want to transfer to. Then simply put in the disc and let it install itself.


Answer by  puckettgw (118)

Put the two PC's on the same network. Press windows key and type "files and settings transfer wizard" on the Vista PC to initiate the transfer. Follow the onscreen instructions.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

Generally it is not possible to update from XP Pro to Vista home. Its only possbile to update to business or Ultimate. Because of that the best solution would be to install the operating systems parallel and migrate the data to the new installed vista or pack xp into a virtual machine.


Answer by  asfg (13)

First use Windows upgrade advisor t make sure that your old files are still compatible. Then use either a flash drive or CD to transfer.


Answer by  archie (73)

Transferring from your old XP Pro pc to new vista home is very easy. You just need to have to prepare your installers (Vista home installer and you pc drivers).


Answer by  lance44 (55)

the fastest way would be to use a usb flash drive and copy all the files you need to the drive then copy the to your new pc.

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