Question by  bestsealoilever (20)

How do I tell if I'm pregnant?


Answer by  iou2009 (16)

The earliest signs of pregnancy are: - Missing your monthly period or very light period instead - Morning sickness - Changes in your breasts, tingles, soreness, darkened nipples, breasts enlarging. - Urinating frequently - Vaginal discharge - Tiredness - Metallic taste in your mouth - Pregnancy test


Answer by  carol (1241)

Take a home pregnancy test. If the results are positive you are probably pregnant. At this point you need to visit your doctor to verify that the home test results are correct and see how far along you are.


Answer by  diane23 (1167)

The best way is a home pregnancy test, the day you miss your period. It's also possible to have symptoms such as nausea very early, but not everyone does.


Answer by  drrmpatelyahoocom (60)

Tell that i missed my menstual date and if you are having any complaints tell the doctor and he will ask you some question and accoringly u have to give answer and let the decide doctor whether you are pregnant or not, so u have to complaints and u have to give your last menstual date


Answer by  John (9008)

The surest way is to get a pregnancy test; these are available at any drugstore. Other signs will include unexplained weight gain, morning nausea, or changes in your menstrual cycle.


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boobs grow


Answer by  Anonymous

if you get a big belly

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