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Question by  Darkrocker (25)

How do I take care of an indoor rabbit?

Can they go free inside?


Answer by  Valentine62 (2131)

You pretty much use the same techniques as an outdoor rabbit, except you may have to clean up after the rabbit if you let it go free indoors.


Answer by  ThugPlantLife (79)

They can go free inside, but you have to be careful about wires dangling in their reach. Wires must be protected with plastic aquarium tubing split up the middle, and fitted around each wire. Bunnies can also be litter trained, so make sure you have a litterbox with fresh hay.


Answer by  lmzaroog (108)

Indoor rabbits definitely need lots of time outside their cage to run around, however they need to be supervised and your house needs to be "rabbit-proofed." They like to chew wires and furniture so don't leave anything around that they could destroy.


Answer by  bvaniea (312)

If the rabbit is young it can be house broken and taught to use a litter box like a cat.


Answer by  rjp (28)

Rabbits should be kept under control when located inside. Giving rabbits too much freedom will allow them to begin to control there environment

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