Question by  GreenGryphon (22)

How do I start running?

I am 45 and have never run before.


Answer by  alicesays (106)

Buy running shoes with good support. Make sure you stretch before and after you run. Start with short distances and make your way to longer runs. Don't push yourself.


Answer by  Royston (68)

Probably the best way to start running for any inexperienced person is just that - to start running! Don't overdo it at first - try running or jogging slowly for a few hundred metres, then walk a few hundred metres, then run again and so on. Build yourself up slowly and remember to stretch and warm up and down.


Answer by  sailoryue (853)

you should start slow. start by simple brisk walking first, you dont want to stress your self. you also want to make sure you do warm up streches and cool down streches. this way you dont end up hurting yourself.


Answer by  Bodmoor (5)

To start running, you first need to assess you base condition by going on a gentle jog and see how long you last. Based on that you can determine a training schedule that expands on your specific needs, so you do not try to do too much, or too little.

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