Question by  RickPugh (22)

How do I sell books through E-Bay?


Answer by  Lizzie14 (82)

For common books, try the eBay subsidiary Half. com (www. half. com). All you have to do is enter the ISBN and the condition. If it is a rare or collectible book, take a photo, write a description, and then list it on eBay like you would any other item.


Answer by  patti (29325)

You list books for auction as you would any other items. You should first research the book's value before listing it. Very, very few books have great value these days because of huge production runs and availability since the turn of the century.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

You must create an account with Ebay. In order to be a seller you must have accurate paypal account information and credit card information. Then you can click the Sell tab on the main page and start selling!


Answer by  EST (75)

This is a very cheap and simple process; just photo, list, and price your books. Be sure to calculate shipping charges based on how heavy they are, as it can be expensive to send them. Also, amazon is a much better place to sell books since it is set up for the purpose.

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