Question by  racheljh (72)

How do I save emails on a flash drive?


Answer by  jimmy31 (89)

You should copy them to a text file or text document showing all headers so you can keep track of which account it came from and when it was sent and what server it went through. you can create the text file on your desktop or on the flash drive. Copy and then paste it over!

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Answer by  Cathy65 (652)

You need to save the email in a different format. For example, click "save as" and save the email as a text document (. txt). After you choose the text format, you can save the email to your flash drive. You can also save the email as other types of documents, such as PDF or HTML.

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Answer by  Anonymous

You have to save each mail, one by one, you can't save bunch of emails at the same time. And, you have to open each emai, click save as, and then choose your destination e.g.flash drive. I want to save the whole folder at one time on USB.


Answer by  Xisco21 (110)

From within your email application you should be able to drag and drop individual emails to a folder in Windows Explorer. You can use the same system to copy emails to your flash drive.

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Answer by  pippo (16)

I open my email account, select the email i wanna store, open it and then copy the content in a text file (. doc,. txt,. pages or similars) and then save it in the flash drive in a mail folder with the date, using the same document if it concerns reply to the same email.

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Answer by  Anonymous

I have Juno and want to copy saved e-mail to flash drive. I tried and clicked on edit and select all (letters turn black) and then back to edit to copy and nothing happens. These are in special folder.

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you have to save each email, one by one. Open each email and then click "save as", choose your destination e.g. usb flash drive. I would like to know how to save the whole folder at the same time on a USB flash drive  add a comment
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