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Question by  rachie (38)

How do I replace a Nissan Altima rear view mirror?


Answer by  Jaredl721 (35)

To replace a rear view mirror you will need to remove the old adhesive on both the mirror and glass. Then using a good quality glass adhesive such as permatex, available at any auto parts store. Let the adhesive sit for 24 hrs before use.


Answer by  bikerbojo (282)

Get a good rear view miror adhesive from your local auto parts store. Scrape the affected area on the windshield with a saftey razor scraper. Clean the area with a good cleaner and apply adhesive to mirror contact area and apply bracket to windshield. Allow to dry then install mirror.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

I most vehicles the rear view mirror is held on by a single fastener. Once you remove this you simply take the new one and slide it down on to the old hardware. If the whole assembly has come off you need to get some adhesive=ve designed for install the mirror bracket on the windshield.


Answer by  mrsBee (49)

First unscrew the bolt off the mirror and keep it. You can buy the kit at your local auto parts store. Most kits come with the bolt but just in case keep your old one.

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