Question by  latifbastomi (11)

How do I replace a computer processor?


Answer by  TechGod222 (37)

Remove the heat sink, remove the old processor, use thermal paste on the new processor, put it in. Replace the heat sink and your done!


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well typically you will open your case after it has been unplugged. Then unplug the heat sink fan followed by the heat sink itself. Then release the cpu and install the new one. Apply the thermal compound and then the heat sink. Finally attach and connect the fan.


Answer by  fishy (1085)

Replacing the processor is relatively easy, however you will want to make sure that whatever processor you choose is compatible with the bus speed of the motherboard. You will just need to place the processor into the slot, apply the thermal grease, and then the heat sink.


Answer by  shaz (11)

if you want to replace your processor. then open your casing cover . first take off your fan above the processor . then take off your faulty processor . n place your new processor in there . its very simple


Answer by  zombieguy (986)

This can vary from motherboard to motherboard, but the basic process is to remove the heatsink, release the locking lever, remove the old processor, and insert the new one.


Answer by  MHugabom (523)

Remove the side of your case. Remove the fan cable from the motherboard, unclip the heatsink and fan. Remove the old processor from the socket. Carefully place your new processor in the socket. Processors should require no force to remove or place. Spread thermal paste on the new processor. Reattach heatsink, plug fan in, and replace case side.


Answer by  puckettgw (118)

First, remove the side panel of your case. Next, locate the processor (it has a large fan and "heat sink" assembly (which looks like a metal block with fins) on top of it. Look up the manual for your motherboard model (printed on the board) and follow the instructions for replacing the processor (these vary by CPU and motherboard.)


Answer by  pcman (8)

Take of the cooling fan and there you'll see the small chip underneath which is the processor. You have to take it out then fit in a new processor. But I suggest that you take it to the computer shop or have a friend who is a computer expert come over and replace it for you.


Answer by  AmyP (19)

First, remove the heatsink and/or fan assembly. Then, you should see a lever that will unlock the old processor and allow its removal. Insert the new processor, and use the same lever to lock it into place. Be sure to use thermal compound to reinstall the fan/heatsink.

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