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Question by  Jake83 (29)

How do I repair bathtub drain stoppers?


Answer by  qamar (73)

Using plier twist plug in openable direction until plug comes out of the hole. place tub wrench into hole unscrew the drain flange and pull it up and out. prepare drain flange put plumber putty under flange to ensure water tight seal. install new drain using tub wrench and twist clockwise screw in the stopper untill fully inserted into drain.


Answer by  Subhash (83)

The bathtub drain stoppers should be repaired in such a way as it should not appear to be a repair work; rather it must appear to be original. It must be a unique addition but must not look odd. It should be with the help of a good mason and the material must also match with the existing one.


Answer by  Sanchez (73)

1) remove the current drain stoppers 2) clean or get new ones 3) replace. You can often clean these with 1 part vinegar 2 parts water.


Answer by  hensen (27)

you can repair the bathtub by calling any of the plumbers at you area side they can complete you answer as they are relevent in this matter as they are professional

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