Question by  lauraa (83)

How do I propagate new grape vines by roots?


Answer by  sherry (211)

you need to bury your old, but leave a line so your grape will come with the vines from the roots and will help the old grape and the new one too.


Answer by  sonaliraghunathan85 (154)

Grape vines don't have strong stems to hold the plant by itself like most other plants. to propagate grape vines you need to build a structure of thick wooden sticks in a sort of a coverer matrix form and propagate your growing plant on that structure. size of the structure depends on the quantity you wish to grow.


Answer by  worker64 (34)

The soil should be suitable for growing vine tree. Dig the ground very deeply. Loosen the soil by pouring enough of water,so that roots penetrate side ways easily and also downwards.


Answer by  mahavin (589)

Grape vines could be propagated by layering, grafting and puddling of roots of vine. After some days of grafting and puddling leaves will grow and the plant could be separated from the mother plant for an independent plant. While propagation the stalk and scion should be selected from a healthy plant.


Answer by  Say (55)

To propagate new grapevines by roots you will need to seperate roots. Score the roots, then soak them in a diluted root starter for one week before planting.


Answer by  mahes (32209)

Plant two buds underground and leave two buds above ground. instead of leaves, the buds above ground put out leaves and start growing new canes.

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