Question by  bluestar (100)

Can I buy root beer flavored Flavoraid or Kool-Aid?

I have never seen root beer kool aid but I am hoping they make it.


Answer by  Kagie1 (85)

You know, I haven't seen root beer Kool Aid either in the store. But i have seen a generic brand of packet root beer at one of those dollar stores. I myself am looking for lime flavored, and can't find that.

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They used to make root beer flavored kool aid brand back in the 60's  add a comment

Answer by  bo (874)

I do not think that root beer flavored Kool-Aid is available. Usually just fruit flavors are available. If you want root beer flavor, buy actual root beer.


Answer by  jalucia (936)

I believe that Kool-Aid use to make root beer flavored powder. These days you can purchase root beer extract or root beer syrup. There is Root Beer Flav or aid available for about 11 cents a packet directly from the company. Gl.


Answer by  Anonymous

used to be aunt wick's root beer but that place is gone. so like they said flavor aid or extract. why would something that was good be dropped? did kool-aid buy them out?

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