Question by  trippedwire (31)

How do I make a good anniversary toast to make to my parents?


Answer by  324hjt (610)

Keep it short, simple, and touching. Include anecdotes about their lives together, and thank them for having been great parents. Tell them, in a heartfelt way, how their marriage has benefited you and others around them. Do not make crass jokes!


Answer by  sapphire (111)

Think about all the positive good times. What have your parents been through together and survived? Talk about that and how because of those things they are so much closer. Also think of all the things they have done for you and talk about how much you appreciate everything they have done


Answer by  malone (4817)

The key is preparation. Start a few weeks ahead jotting down ideas that you want to incorporate. Make your toast sincere with perhaps a bit of humor, but nothing embarrassing. Practice the toast several times in front of a mirror before the big day. Planning is everything.

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