Question by  Cats (28)

How do I know that wolf puppies for sale come from a legitimate breeder?

I am interested in owning a wolf puppy.


Answer by  case (1261)

You will need to be very careful in some states it is illegal to own a wolf. I would research breeders and visit their operation before I purchased a pup.


Answer by  Chalice (20)

A legitimate Wolf Breeder will want to know what type of facilities you have prepared for your new puppy and whether you have children or other pets. There should also be a contract available with a spay and neuter clause. Good breeders will also have background information available on the puppies and the parents including registration papers and medical histories.


Answer by  horsetrends (72)

You can visit the home where the puppies were raised, check references and talk with local veterinarians, do a DNA test, ask about pet registry affiliation such as AKC, and ask the breeder about health guarantees and shot records they offer.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

Buy the puppies from the breeder and not a middle man like a pet store. And check out the breeder with the city to make sure they are qualified/

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