Question by  Stormygyrl (12)

How do I keep from eating cherry fly larvae?

It is my understanding you do not know if larvae are in the fruit.


Answer by  anniekiefera (359)

The best way is to not eat the fruit. Then again you can freeze the fruit which will most likely kill the larvae. But seems how you do not want to eat them dead or alive, and you can not tell that they are there i would avoid eating the fruit all together.


Answer by  whatsittoya (122)

If there is no way of knowing if larvae is in the fruit, then the only way to keep from eating them is to not eat cherries. You can also cut each fruit in half before you eat it and see if there are any larvae inside.


Answer by  craik (128)

Most cherries have been sprayed to prevent or get rid of fruit flies and fly larvae. However, if the skin of the cherry has a small hole, don't eat it.

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