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Question by  shelley (70)

How do I install or add freon?

This is for my A/C.


Answer by  Noah77 (37)

Freon can be added to the outside A/C unit through two service ports on the refrigerant lines. A compound gauge is required to make the connections. Connect two hoses to the system and the third hose to the Freon container. This should only be done by a qualified service tech.


Answer by  mcoyle (35)

Legally, only a certified refrigeration mechanic can recharge your A/C. You should call an HVAC professional to come out to see if you need a recharge or a cleaning.


Answer by  dsmith42 (371)

You cannot install freon yourself. Government regulations control the purchase and installation of freon, and the job itself requires brazing and working at high pressure. Also, if you do not purge the system of all water vapor, you can destroy your compressor when the moisture gets into it. Just hire someone to do the job.


Answer by  Anu25 (5)

Remove the old refrigerant with vacuum pump. Then turn the AC unit on, set thermostat, and connect the refrigerant cylinder. Monitor the pressure (70-250 PSI) & weight of freon while filling the unit.


Answer by  Sada464 (15)

If your system is properly installed it should not require freon and you have to be a certified EPA tech.


Answer by  jbuhr06 (126)

Due to recent laws it requires a license and permit to install freon to any kind of air conditioner. For this project you will need to hire a licensed professional.

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