Question by  steveXslayer (20)

How do I install an attic floor?


Answer by  MSFAIZELKHAN (8)

Measure the area and purchase enough plywood sheets to cover the area. Cut each plywood sheet to get the sheets up the attic stairs. Lay the long side of a plywood sheet. Nail or screw and Set another sheet beside that one. Repeat the process in the previous step until the attic floor is complete.


Answer by  johnchapin (52)

I installed my attic floor using composition sheets of 4 x 8. I tried 1/2 inch but that hd too much 'give', so went to 3/4 thick sheets. I used ribbed flooring nails and a chalk string to show where the supporting joists were, under the boards.


Answer by  blombardy (82)

Purpose made attic flooring is available from diy outlets. Generally, flooring is only suitable for storage of light items, and care should be taken to maintain ventilation.

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