Question by  ChrisD6977 (20)

How do I install hickory flooring?


Answer by  setrip (158)

You can install hickory flooring by hiring a contractor or do it yourself. You have the option to nail, float, or glue. Start with a clean and flat subfloor. Lay hickory perpendicular to floor joist, predrill all holes and blind nail them. Always stagger the end joints by at lease 6in.


Answer by  Jeff5761 (109)

Hickory flooring requires more acclimation than similar flooring products. It has more movement that traditional oak floors. Traditionaly you begin along the long wall of a room and work your way across making sure you keep the flooring straight and square. Apply cleats through the tongue where possible and face nail where it is not possible.


Answer by  hensen (27)

According to me you can do the needful thing by having aggod quality cement or whit pale of crmrnt in the gaps by filling it


Answer by  worker4240 (36)

hickory orgin from the tree which has tough,heavy wood and edible nuts. it may be little bit tough to have a hickory floor. but you can get it from woodmader.

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