Question by  sArah1630 (19)

How do I go about hooking a psp to a tv?


Answer by  thenerd (39)

You have to buy a psp av out cable that is compatible with your psp. Then you plug one end into your psp, and the other end(the one with three differently colored connectors) in to the corresponding slots, usually found on the back side of your TV. Turn on your psp, and if it appears on your TV, your good.


Answer by  Tudor (98)

Plug the PSP end of the cable into the PSP, and the TV end into the TV. Then go to Connected Display Settings on the PSP and switch the video-output.


Answer by  iamkaptaink (51)

To hook a psp to TV, you need to purchase a PSP AV-out cable. This cable connects from your psp av out- to the RCA inputs on your TV.


Answer by  Davhor (20)

First you need to deceide what type of cable you have. Plug the cable into the jack on the back of play station and the back of television


Answer by  Alisa (903)

You will need to buy an adapter that connects to your psp to your tv. You should find one where they sell PSP's.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well it depends on whether you use a fm modulator or av cables. If you use a modulator you just need to attach the modulator inline to the tv. If you use the av cable then there should be three colored plugs to plug into.

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