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Question by  mike61 (45)

How do I glue a photograph to a canvas?


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

I use transfer sticky back paper and run it through the computer printer. There is also a iron-on transfer paper, which can also be run through the printer. Then I use adhesive spray and put in the photo or iron it on.


Answer by  yael (482)

I think that you can use hot glue to stick a photograph to canvas. You can also creatively paint clear glue on top of the photo so that the entire thing is on the canvas and has no chance of falling off. Another option is to place photo corners on the canvas and then fir the photo into those.


Answer by  trudie1962 (1022)

If this is an heirloom project to be kept for many years, use an acid-free glue - the kind sold at scrapbooking/craft stores. If not, try any thick white glue.


Answer by  J86 (80)

Mod podge is a decoupage glue that can be used to affix a photograph to a canvas or any other compatible surface. It should be applied in a thin layer.


Answer by  anjali (12)

Straighten the photograph Keep face down on a newspaper and apply strong adhesive. Keep one edge on canvas and press inwards to outwards with a clean cloth. Press to fix.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well first get some good adhesive. Then apply a liberal coat onto the back of the photo. The apply some pressure to make sure the glue gets into the canvas.


Answer by  mightyspidey (1080)

Use a craft glue as strong as super glue. Craft glues work well on photographs, helping the glue to not bleed through. Only apply to corners and edges of photo.


Answer by  artgirl (367)

Use a high quality, low-water content glue. Mod podge would work well here or aileen's tacky glue might be a runner up. Both are available at regular craft stores like michaels.

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