Question by  Mellow03 (6)

Can put new glue on old glue or should old glue be removed first?

Is rubbing alcohol the best thing for removing old glue?


Answer by  malone (4817)

When using any adhesive, start with a clean surface. Remove "super glue" type adhesives with acetone (fingernail polish remover), not rubbing alcohold.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

Always remove the old glue or adhesive before applying a fresh layer. Otherwise, the old glue will eventually flake and cause the new stuff to crack and eventually come off. Rubbing alcohol may work, and is a cheap remedy, but you can also use any kind of paint thinner, or this stuff called 'Goo Gone'. Goo Gone removes most everything.


Answer by  firechickadee (9)

Old glue should always be removed first for be adhesiveness. Glue works best when it is stuck to a surface.

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