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Question by  hurricore (66)

How do I get the most out of my Samsung HD TV?


Answer by  olive8 (911)

To get the most out of any television you will want to read the instructions it came with and handle it accordingly. As always turn it off when you are not using it and don't do anything to abuse it.


Answer by  damon (14)

To get the most out of a Samsung HD TV you should purchase HD TV channels from your digital provider. And if you are watching videos you should purchase Blu-Ray discs rather than normal DVD videos. This would also require a Blu-Ray Player. And if you were to get any consoles you should get a HDMI cord.


Answer by  heloo98 (51)

The single best thing you can do is to calibrate the picture! Buy a calibration DVD or even rent a movie (like Finding Nemo) which has THX calibration on it. It's easy (you just follow the on-screen directions) and it ensures the picture looks best in your unique home environment.


Answer by  RepairItMan (419)

First, make sure you have some sort of HD service (such as Digital Cable), and make sure it's hooked up via the HDMI or Component ports on the TV.


Answer by  mg (219)

Be sure you have the proper HD signal and cables capable of transmitting it. The best picture quality is seen with an HDMI cable and the best sound transmission comes with an optical cable. Don't waste your money on Monster cables or other big-name brands; you get the same quality with a $2. 00 cable from amazon. com.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

To get the most out of a full HD tv you need HD cable and HD converter box/dvr as well as a dvd player capable of playing BluRay dvds. Also make sure you have the proper cables to connect you device to the tv with no signal loss.


Answer by  TSKCrazyDJWNS (25)

Make sure that you buy the HDMI cables with the gold plug and if you have a satalite dish you will need the HD satalite service for a clear picture.


Answer by  lexuslady315 (635)

GET DIRECT TV or any satellite dish service tat is in your area. They offer the best in sports and it is all in HD

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