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Question by  Joanne (54)

How do I get the bug infestation out of my crab apple tree?

It's gross.


Answer by  ticrick (7)

Spray your crab apple tree early in the season with a fungicide making sure you use a product for fruit trees. Also, always prune the branches back in early fall.


Answer by  jlwilson6 (1098)

A lot of people now are trying organic products to fix these infestations, which helps nature do it's job. Some believe it is less harmful that the usual chemicals. Sometimes the chemicals are necessary, but you don't want to exterminate all of the good insects as well. Some are beneficial.


Answer by  MyQueen (19)

To get the bugs out of your crab apple tree, you need to spray it with pesticide. You can easily get it from the nearest department/hardware stores.

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