Question by  ben38 (13)

How do I get started in the music business?


Answer by  bpmock (140)

Getting started in the music business can be a very daunting and frustrating task. From the performance side the best thing to do would to be practice, practice, practice. Once you have established yourself as a good musician get your work to as many ears as you can.


Answer by  kiki (36)

To get started in the music business you should go out and play every open mic night and join a band to get the expirence. Working behind the scene manage a band and promote their videos : radio stations, you tube, online, anywhere they could get noticed


Answer by  Cristina (339)

You can do karaoke, make up you your own band, do performances for free so that you can get noticed. Also, you can record your own demos and send them to record companies. If you know a famous singer, you can give a demo to him/her as well.


Answer by  starshon (27)

First, to get started in the music business, you got start out small. By small, I mean, start out by going to talent shows and seeing the various people perform.

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