Question by  Stan (75)

How do I get my disability money?

I was completely disabled 3 months ago.


Answer by  BonChance (93)

Have you had a doctor tell you that you are going to be able to qualify for disability yet? You won't get approved unless you've got medical documentation that Social Security can look over. See your doctor and make sure that you have everything you need to apply.


Answer by  notenoughfacts (257)

Disability can come from the company you work for. This is usually short term disability and requires filing paperwork with human resources. Long-term disability is also often an option that people pay for through their companies and the procedure would be the same. The same paperwork will be useful in filing for governmental disability.


Answer by  esdel (22)

Contact the Social Security Administration to see if you qualify for disability benefits (SSDI). If you do not qualify for SSDI, you may qualify for a different disability benefits program, known as SSI. If you qualify for either program, you may apply to receive benefits. If your application is denied, a disability attorney may be able to assist you.


Answer by  NIL (16)

You could either fill out an application on line through the social security disability office or call them and they mail you an application. People also hire attorneys to help as they know the application process and then a better chance of you being approved.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You don't just get it automatically. You have to go to the Disability Office and fill out an application. You can also do it online. They will approve your application if you're qualified and then they will send you a check.


Answer by  MusicalKate (109)

Oh boy all I can say is it is very difficult getting disability. You have to apply and you might as well be prepared because Social Security usually denies the first couple of times. You could contact a lawyer who specializes in social security disability and get some good help.


Answer by  Olddad (94)

You are going to have to apply at your local Social Security office or you can apply for disability online. Once you've filled out the application you will get an appointment so you can meet with a representative who will go over all the information that they've requested.


Answer by  saltersproducts (25)

Usually it takes about 6 months to 1 year to get benefits. I personally had to wait 1 year from filing to get mine but did get back pay for that year. You have to be patience but persistent and keep calling and asking when I will get my money


Answer by  deepa (82)

you need to go to public assistance office and put in your application to get assistance. Disability insurance provide security to you and your family

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