Question by  bloominred1 (28)

How do I get involved with Angel Food Ministries?

It sounds like a good program.


Answer by  MTGrandma (405)

Involvement can be done individually or through a local food or church program. It is a non-profit non-denominational program. High quality food is purchased in bulk at low cost. A box of food should feed a family of four for a week with a different menu and recipes each month.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Before you get involved in the Angel Food Ministries, I would check the websites on the allegations that money collected was not used as it should have been. The FBI is investigating. There are many churches in your area that have poor people that need help. Contact them.


Answer by  lynxlevy1 (160)

Any Person can be entailed to the program just by ordering products or be distributors.One can also donate the money he saved to help the people in need.


Answer by  yama (9)

Find a church that sponsors Angel Food, order and pay by phone or in person. Pick up of food packages is about two weeks later.

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