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Question by  Migs (51)

How do I fix a leaking float valve on my lawn mower?


Answer by  carlady (182)

First make sure that it is really leaking by soaping it up and looking for bubbles, if it is then your best bet is to replace the valves mouth with something.


Answer by  NateB (571)

You have two options depending on your mechanical prowess. One, disassemble the carb and replace the spring and rod that hold the float valve. Second, simply purchase a new carb and install it.


Answer by  worker305277 (84)

you will have to take off the covers to the motor. then you will have to take off the air box. then the carburetor. now take your carburetor apart very carefully. you will see something that looks like 2 bobbers on a metal strip connected to the inside of the carbuator simply take off and sprey with carburetor cleaner.


Answer by  Joe1010us (239)

The Floats are inside the carb. If the carb is leaking I would try a new gasket. If the valve inside the carb is leaking it needs replaced

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