Question by  Jstills (3)

How do I discipline my 16-year old son who has ADHD?

He has no priveleges: no cell phone, no car, no TV, no time outside because he ignores the rules. There is a set bedtime and daily chores.


Answer by  Mary19 (21)

You should discipline your son by using positive reinforcement. Catch him doing good things and give him lots of praise. He can be put on a token system to earn certain priveleges such as cell phone, car, or TV. An example is, 3 earned tokens get him TV time.

Reply by Jstills (3):
We have tried the token awards, it doesn't work. To "catch" him doing good things would be the day the sun shines down on us. If we "sneak" up on him, he is always acting like he is 6. Negative attention is all he seems to look for.  add a comment

Answer by  sparksteacher (134)

Although it is difficult, you can help your son with ADHD. Perhaps taking away his things is not the best solution. If you child is taking medication, perhaps he is not taking the right brand drug or the right dosage for his body. Growing teens often need to have their medication adjusted every six months, or even more often.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

You should talk with his doctor to determine if he is being given a proper dose of medication because lack of proper medication can lead to defiant behavior in teens with ADHD. If that does not work you can try enrolling him in boot camp.

Reply by Jstills (3):
Currently looking for a boot camp. My son uses his medication as a crutch. And even then we still pull our hair out. I have been told a good ol' fashion butt whoopin but hten I have the county on my front door step. Spare the rod... help the parents!  add a comment
posted by Anonymous
Please do not hurt your son otherwise he is going to turn round and hurt you. It sounds like you are doing all ths right things but try changing your tactics. Mothers always knows best because tbey are the ones who know their children best. Good luck:)  add a comment
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