Question by  iowaguy1953yahoocom (15)

How do I determine how large of an am p that I need?

I am needing to get a new amp for my stereo system and do not know what size to get.


Answer by  Smithy78 (56)

There are a couple of ways to figure this out. Google different models, or consider going to a audio installer like Best Buy and asking a rep. there to help you determine which size amp is right for your application. The size depends on your car size and exsisting radio.


Answer by  kevin28 (188)

first thing you should do is detrmine wheather you want the amp for bass or treble. do you want to mix and match components or keep them the same. if sticking with the same brand detrmine how many speakers you want attached to the amp. lastly decide what class you want a b c or d


Answer by  raymaas15 (21)

You would need to look at the max power rating for your speakers.After finding that, try to match that as close as possible to the amplifiers power rating.


Answer by  wQQdy (121)

I determine how much amp I use by how much I move it around. The bigger the amp, the heaver it gets. Of course, other considerations are how many ohms your speaks are, how big the room your trying to fill with sound is, and how friendly your neighbors are.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Basically you just need to look at you speakers and add up all the power ratings. This will give you the maximum power rating you should use.

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