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Question by  rrittenhouse (14)

How do I convince my dentist that I need pain meds?


Answer by  amber33 (1941)

There are so many people who use dental problems to get pain medicine and dentist have a hard time believing that you need it. Especially when just fixing the tooth will make it better and you will not have to get on the pain medicine. So this task will be difficuilt.


Answer by  Meagan87 (197)

Tooth and Gum pain can be excruciating, dentists understand this but need to be weary for people looking for a free handout. Pain medication is abused everyday, which makes it increasingly more difficult for people who need it to get it. Make an appointment with your dentist and explain your situation.


Answer by  chespa (82)

To convince your dentist is to explain the pain that you are experiencing, let him know that the pain keeps you awake at night and that you can't handle it.


Answer by  Brendawith (464)

Any reputable dentist will want to determine the cause of the pain and address those issues. Normally pain meds are only prescribed for a brief period of time while the problem causing the pain is being treated.


Answer by  G12345 (1808)

You need to show the dentist that you have a reason to have pain, ie you need something objective that is pathological. You also need to demonstrate there is no other medication that will work. Always take pain meds with caution.


Answer by  Katsescape (90)

The dental xray is the number one way dentists decide if pain medication is going to be prescribed. Other factors are ability to eat, sleep and intensity of pain.


Answer by  Sonya56 (65)

The only way to convince a dentist to prescibe pain medication is to actually be in pain.Be certain that dentists look for specific criteria when dealing with patients in pain


Answer by  demannlv (179)

First of all, you would need to have a dentist/patient relationship. After some time when the both of you feel comfortable with each other, it would be a good time to let him know the pain you experience. You should never attempt this with a new dentist as it will appear that you are trying get drugs.


Answer by  amber33 (1941)

Most dentist do not like giving out pain medicine because so many people come in, claiming they have pain when they just want pain pills. I do not think your chances are very good at getting the pain pills. If you have pain you should fix what is causing it.


Answer by  Marybeth (841)

Tell your dentist you have low pain tolerance. The dentist's concern is someone with drug seeking behavior. A letter from doctor and drug history from your pharmacy may help.


Answer by  AmirLuskyTinyBoy (229)

This is very hard. Try saying you are in extreme pain, but you would have much better luck visiting a doctor and complaining about severe back pain or something else.


Answer by  ally12 (40)

Describe to the dentist the nature of pain, intensity and its ntists usually based their decision on what diagnosis and procedure must be done to the patient by the result of oral x-ray, you must be cooperative to undergo such procedure.Upon reading the result he will know which would be better for you than taking pain meds.

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