Question by  baubles75 (25)

How do I convince my child not to wear too revealing of a prom dress?

I am worried about the dress my daughter wants to get.


Answer by  dhuoda (1431)

A shawl or small lacy cardigan can cover up shoulder and chest area. You could try bargaining by offering desirable shoes and bag to go with a less revealing outfit. Is there a younger friend or family member who could be persuaded to go shopping with your daughter and steer her towards something trendy and still suitable?


Answer by  rabbits123 (85)

tell her guys wont respect her if she shows to much they will act like they like it but they really will be like shes bad tell her let her understand guys are pigs and she shouldnt impress them


Answer by  woof (23)

Explain to her that it is better to be noticed, and accepted, because of the person that she is, rather than because of the breasts she has.


Answer by  Liz87 (57)

Help her pick out a more fashionable one and offer to pay or give her more spending money if it is not a revealing dress


Answer by  weeonelb (358)

If you are paying for your daughter's dress, you should just tell her that if she gets a dress that is too revealing you will not pay for it. Also, the school dress code most likely prohibits revealing dresses, so you can remind her that if it is too revealing she may not be allowed into prom.

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