Question by  conned09 (1)

How do I claim my wages if my employer closed my work place and never paid me my final paycheck?


Answer by  Susan (179)

Each state has their own laws about labor issues. Go to your states website and look for the wage and hour division link. All the info that you need should be there. You can also contact an employment lawyer but I think this might be a waste of money. State website info is free and easy to use.


Answer by  ssumi (62)

First you approach your employer in friendly manner wait for some times. If they are not answered your query not replied then you consult with the union members of your work place. If then not answered kindly contact your lawyer and ask them to do the needful for your favour. This is the best way to approach your employer.


Answer by  Pat (37)

First, contact them in writing via certified mail. Second, file a complaint with the state, county, or federal department of labor. Third, consult an employment lawyer about filing a Fair Labor Standards Act claim, or a lawsuit under local wage and hour laws. Another good strategy would be to find other workers from your workplace and organize.


Answer by  Kris26 (28)

If you have attempted to collect your wages or if you have not been paid all the wages due you, you can file a wage claim with the Department of Labor's Wage & Hour Section or you file a civil complaint in Small Claims Court. You may also seek the assistance of a private attorney.


Answer by  Majyk (115)

I have had this happen to me. Hopefully you have saved your pay statements and can add them up. They will be filing even though they are out of business. If you need help the best place to get it is from the Internal Revenue Service. They will be able to assist you in this.


Answer by  jeni (2)

if my employer closed my place of work or told me not to come due to bad wether, do i still get paid?

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